Canine Massage

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Why Canine Massage?


Dogs cannot tell us verbally that they are in pain. They cannot tell us where and what hurts, they do not take the tie to warm-up their muscles before exercise and they definitely don’t follow a stretching routine!

Canine massage is beneficial in many ways, just like with people! Massage helps relax and warm up the muscles in a dog which can lead to decreased stress on the dog.

Massage releases “feel good” hormones which help the dog feel relaxed.

For dogs with abusive pasts, massage can introduce a good kind of touch with the mixture of loving care from our canine massage therapists along with the endorphin release.

Senior dogs can greatly benefit from massage because massage increases circulation, which brings nutrients to areas where senior dogs need it most including joints and damaged tissue that does not heal as quickly as it used to.

Working dogs benefit from massage in all the same ways, relaxation is key for these dogs, as dogs with jobs get just as tired as people with jobs!

Athletic dogs also greatly benefit because massage can warm up and cool down the tissues in the dog’s body before and after exercise to help reduce injury and soreness.

Any kind of injury or illness may benefit greatly from massage therapy. For any questions, please Contact us.


Price List

 30 minutes $25.00 +hst

60 minutes $40.00 +hst

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

1 PM to 8 PM

*Mobile Treatments are also available and are suggested when barrier free access is a concern

Jadelyn Hipwell, RMT/CMT, was formally trained in Canine Massage Therapy at the Royal Canadian College of Massage and has grown up with dogs her whole life. She has a passion for helping dogs and massage has certainly proven itself to be helpful!  Canine massage therapy is beneficial for any dog, especially senior dogs, dogs with injuries or disabilities, and active dogs. Book your canine massage today!

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“It is so exciting to see a dog who struggles with movement and pain be rejuvenated through massage therapy!”


Jadelyn Hipwell, CMT