About Us


Greenwood Hill will be a unique provider of  compassionate holistic healthcare in a rejuvenating rural environment where people and pets find a new avenue for self-care.


Greenwood Hill; where creativity meets top-quality healthcare to generate whole body wellness for you and your dog.


  • To be innovative  with our techniques and  stay up to date with current modalities and information that could benefit our clients and our business.   
  • To educate every client  for their recovery from an injury or chronic condition or on their journey to better overall health.
  • To Individualize care and employ unique resources and techniques into each client’s wellness path that are best suited to that individual.


We serve each of our clientele in separate spaces, canines enjoy a separate office and people can enjoy the newly renovated clinic space.  Located on Hipwells’ Oro-Medonte family farm, relax as you drive up the laneway and enter the clinic decorated with art work by Marianne Braid.


The History of our Farm

The Family’s history here starts in 1830, when Capt. John Hipwell arrives from Ireland and is provided a military grant of 100 acres of land, here on Bass Lake. Unfortunately, he passed before marrying or having children, so the farm was given to his Nephew, John Mansell Hipwell, who was still in Ireland at the time finishing up his Apothecary degree. 

When John finished his education, he moved to Canada and married Jane Collins. John never did officially work as an apothecary here, but he did help those who needed it and was very devoted to the Prices corner Anglican Church as the Church Warden. John and Jane had 2 boys that survived infancy, Robert and Thomas, beginning the 2nd generation of The Hipwell Family.


Jadelyn and her immediate family reside on the farm and maintain the roughly 98 acres of hay fields, pastures and forest.

In 2023 a lavender field was planted and is growing into a picturesque spot for a relaxing stroll and family photos. There are many places on the property that provide peaceful backdrops for portrait photography including green fields, flowers, and forested trails. You can book this by having your favorite photographer reach out and book a time slot. We can also have a great photographer reach out to you and book your time.

Our Summer Farm Gate stand offers access to fresh vegetables, eggs and products grown and made on the farm for purchase at your convenience.

Jadelyn Hipwell, RMT and CCMT

Jadelyn Hipwell, RMT/CCMT, was formally trained at Georgian College in Massage Therapy and graduated with honors in 2017, and then registered with the CMTO in January 2018. She specializes in deep tissue massage and also uses other modalities with massage therapy including cupping and KT taping. Jadelyn is interested in helping her clients overall wellness, and aims to help them  learn new ways to cope with chronic mobility or pain issues. Jadelyn is currently training to become a yoga instructor and uses her new knowledge to create effective homecare plans for her clients.

Jadelyn also trained in  Canine Massage Therapy at the Royal Canadian College of Massage and has grown up with dogs her whole life and has a passion for helping them. She has been practicing Canine massage since 2017, and has been able to see the amazing benefits first hand.