Handmade Soap – Peppermint & Lavender


Hand poured soap made with skin nourishing ingredients that will leave your hands and body feeling soft and smooth. The ingriedients are simple and that is why this product will feel better on your skin than many other bar soaps you have tried.

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These handmade soap bars are the perfect gift! Greenwood Hill created this handmade soap recipe to do two things, nourish your skin and reduce environmental impact. We believe that the little changes you make, make a big difference. Switching from pump soaps to our bar soap eliminates plastic waste and these bar soaps will nourish your skin, leaving your hands and body feeling soft and moisturized. Our soaps are scented with Essential Oils, which offer gentle scents without the chemicals that are in fake fragrances. We also only use herbs to create colour in our beautiful handmade soaps. We package all of our products in plastic-free packaging, some of which you can return to us to be re-used! Learn more here.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm