Skunky Smell? Use The Blissful Dog and Baking soda to help solve the problem!

We are going to give you yet another baking soda use! As well as introduce a product that you may not have heard of! Both of these together may help get that skunky dog smelling better quicker!

When you have a skunky dog, there seems to be no end to the smell. No matter how much you clean and scrub your much-too-adventurous friend, nothing seems to help. There seems to be endless recipes online that claim to get rid of the smell and personally I have tried some weird ones on my friends dogs…like toothpaste? It didn’t work…

The Blissful Dog company is an American company that we have recently connected with! They sell great all-natural products for your dog and carry a great line of shampoos that are scientifically proven to be effective and good for your dogs skin and coat health!

What do you know they also have a recipe for de-skunking your dog!

Dirty Dirrrty Dog Shampoo and Soap are affordable and natural. This is the line that is recommended in this 2 step process for de-skunking.

Recipe: Mix the following:
1⁄4 cup of baking soda
1 teaspoon of liquid soap (DAWN Dishwashing Liquid is our preferred soap)
Quart of hydrogen peroxide.
Work the solution into your dog’s coat well and rinse.
Repeat as needed.
Follow with a bath using DIRTY DIRRRTTY SHAMPOO or SOAP


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The Blissful Dog Products by Jadelyn

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The Blissful Dog Aromatherapy

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